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FQA 9 - Troubleshooting

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9.1 - First

9.2 - Booting

9.2.1 - Boot parameters

9.2.2 - Break into a shell

At the [bootargs] prompt, type !rc and hit enter to break into a shell. Type exit to return to the [bootargs] prompt.

9.2.3 - Editing plan9.ini

9.2.4 - Boot media not recognized

9.2.5 - I moved my hard drive between ports

If your file system is cwfs(4):

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9.3 - Graphics

9.3.1 - Rio fails to start

See the discussion of graphics in FQA 4 - 9front Installation Guide. When you find a working mode, update your plan9.ini.

9.3.2 - VESA BIOS does not contain a valid mode

The standard solution is to have the customer send the computer back to the manufacturer, who reflashes the EEPROM with the correct information and return the computer to the customer.

9.4 - Networking

9.4.1 - Networking is not working

Read: FQA 6.2.8 - Verifying network settings

9.4.2 - Cannot resolve domain names

If ndb/dns is running but you are still unable to resolve domains, you can try adding a DNS server directly to /net/ndb.

Read: FQA 6.2.5 - DNS Resolution

9.4.3 - /mnt/web/clone does not exist

Programs that require webfs(4) to be running require webfs(4) to be running.

Read: hget(1), mothra(1)

9.4.4 - PCMCIA WiFi stopped working after reboot

Do fshalt and power down completely instead of just rebooting with fshalt -r.

9.5 - USB

9.5.1 - Devices not recognized or not working

9.5.2 - System freezes after showing memory sizes

9.6 - auth This space left intentionally blank.

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9.99999999999999999999999999999999999999 - GIVE UP

Give up now.

Go away.

Every joke is a tiny revolution

— George Orwell

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