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Raspberry Pi

Installation Instructions

The last release introduces support for raspi1,2 and 3 and you can build a sdcard image that will be bootable on raspi by running:

# build arm userspace

cd /sys/src


mk install

# download raspi firmware

cd /sys/src/boot/bcm


# build 32 bit arm kernel for raspi (pi2 also works for raspi3)

cd /sys/src/9/bcm

mk ’CONF=pi’ install

mk ’CONF=pi2’ install

# build bootable hjfs sdcard image for raspi

cd /sys/lib/dist

bind / /n/src9

mk /path/to/somethingsomething.pi.img

Once booted on the Raspberry Pi, you’re able to mount the dos partition with:

9fs pidos

This will mount the dos partition on /n/pidos, similar to how 9fs 9fat works.

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